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About Us

About Us


It has been many years that we worked together and built our mutual understanding.

As a result, we have already gained our strong confidence in each other, too. Our

strong team combined with young and senior travel executives plus the use of latest

advanced technology has positioned us to be one of the most reliable tours Operators

in Egypt. To always keep abreast with the current trends our staff is regularly sent

abroad for training to take updated tourism courses. As we are committed to

providing your clients the best possible services, we are always seeking Ways to

improve our products and services. Your clients’ comments and suggestions were of

great help to improving our future services; Continuous research and survey on

destinations and each and every client’s comments also help us tracking with the

Demands and tastes of clients. Having good connections at different destinations,

Travel Deals & Tourism gained the trust of all our agents abroad. When it comes to

Egypt destination, we can be a great assistance and the most reliable partner. The

only simple reason is that we are Egyptian nationals and we know all the destinations

and have reached every corner of our country.

*Our goal is to be corporatist with our agents and we work hard to make of each

event a memory that worth every moment


Travel Deals for Tourism and Marketing is the marketing company for travel services,

and services for the business man, and the organization of conferences and related

services based in Cairo - Egypt,,,

'"Travel Deals" which gives you a lot of facilities and reductions in the elite group of

the best hotels, restaurants and get a ticket with a special discount in Egypt and the

Middle East, Europe and the Far East our team main concern is achieving our clients'

satisfaction and complete content.

We are also very keen on having an exclusive contact relation with our members

through our Membership loyalty program designed specially to satisfy all our

members and their families travel needs and requests.

The one thing that is sure to remain with every vacation is the memory here at Travel

Deals our first priority is making that memory worth every moment. Book and Reserve airline

ticketing, hotel booking, group or individual programs, customized to Suit your taste and


Travel Deals strives to satisfy, and offers the commodity that Money can’t buy…peace of


Company Profile:

Tourism services are intangible, so in Travel Deals our mission is to provide the best in

Quality and trust to our customers.

Our team will always put in the best effort to Service you, with constant attention to

your personal taste and needs, researching and finding the elite of tourism

opportunities no matter where you are or where you’re going.

One of our own services we have Membership "Exclusive DEAL" which includes

performances unique addition to a set of vouchers free of charge valid for one year

gives them more services for our members

Members enjoy the participants in ‘’EXCLUSIVE DEAL’’ membership repeated the

following features and discounts -full year from the date of subscription:

A - Booking and issuing of air tickets:

Our dedicated team strives to find the best deals for you. Working with all airlines

Companies, our goal is to find the most caring, speedy, efficient, and accurate services

Needed for the ultimate trip and vacation.

B -Hotel Bookings in Egypt and all over the world:

With an efficient database that covers regional and international hotels worldwide, we

provide a Wide range of Hotel bookings for you. Our centralized location in the heart of

Egypt allows us to Stretch throughout all Egypt territories, making available the best

competitive rates you coul possibly find.

C - Charter operation:

Catering to all possible needs, our services include the booking of charter flight to several

diverse Destinations that scheduled airlines do not directly reach.

D - Airport and Transfer Services:

Prepared to meet and assist you whether on arrival or departure, our Airport services


-Luggage check in case of loss

-Supervision and control of arrival and departure stops for passengers, luggage, and


Our Transfer services come customized to you, including transfers of individual tourists

booked with

us. In addition to individual tourists that are booked in any of the hotels in which we are


including tourists booked with other travel agents.

E- Incoming services for individuals and groups:

Know where you’re going, and know what you’re going to do. Our company strives to

Offer you up to date tourism programs and schedules. With a department devoted to

Incoming tourism in Egypt, individuals and groups from all over the world can

Benefit from the best itineraries, adapted to suit individual and group demands. This

Department is responsible for preparing adequate programs with affordable prices,

And Executing them to your satisfaction. Ensuring the greatest fun, our team is assisted

With knowledgeable guides and committed drivers, including booking and rentals of Cars

and buses.

F - Cruise programs :

Experience the crystal blue of the ocean, and witness the many deep-sea mysteries

with a wide range of luxury cruise programs in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and

Baltic Sea

G-World Wide Tours & Packages:

You name it we got it! Our all year round programs include tours to Beirut , Syria,

Jordan, Cyprus, Turkey, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, China, and

every corner of the globe…

No destination is too far, and if it exists on the map Travel Deals will find it and supply


To you. Our professional team can be found internationally, and works with all tourist

Destinations to provide you with all holiday requirements, including niche market

needs with special interest tours and package promotions be it for Honeymoons,

Adventure, Luxury, Spa needs and more. All packages are prepared to suit your


H- Car Rentals:

Geared up and ready to go our strategic partnership with several car rental companies

awards a wide choice of automobiles for your convenience. From the newest to the

most accommodating models, our cars come with or without drivers.

I-Visa assistance and Travel Insurance:

In the need of Visa assistance or Travel assurance, we are prepared to service our

Clients no matter what the need or demand .